News TOP 09 seen winning Prague local elections

24-07-2014 11:22 | Chris Johnstone

Centre right party TOP 09 has a high chance of retaining its position as the biggest party in the Czech capital when Prague City Council elections are held in October. A survey by the polling agency SANEP suggested that TOP 09 would be the strongest party with 21.3 percent support. A three way coalition of the Christian Democrats, Mayors and Independents, and Green Party could win 14.2 percent of votes. The ANO party would come in third place with 12.4 percent followed by the Social Democrats with 11.8 percent, Civic Democrats with 11.1 percent and Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia with 7.6 percent. The Pirate party and Free Citizens Party would also get more 5.0 percent of the vote according to the survey. TOP 09 currently govern Prague City Hall in coalition with the Social Democrats.

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Foreign minister criticizes military intelligence over Lebanese kidnapping case

14-02-2016 14:13 | Daniela Lazarová

Czech Foreign Minister Lubomír Zaorálek has criticized the decision of the country’s Military Intelligence to send one of its agents on an undercover mission to Lebanon where he was kidnapped along with a group of four other people. Speaking on a debate on TV Prima the minister said the decision was incomprehensibly risky and someone should be held accountable once the matter was thoroughly investigated. The minister also stressed the need to investigate the leaks of information regarding both the case of the five Czechs kidnapped in Lebanon and the ransom paid by the Czech government for two young women kidnapped in Pakistan. 

Prague court closes case of Qatari Prince Hamid bin Abdal Sani

14-02-2016 09:59 | Daniela Lazarová

A Prague district court has closed the case of Qatari Prince Hamid bin Abdal Sani who was tried in absentia in the Czech Republic on charges of sex abuse. Between 2001 and 2004 the prince allegedly paid to have sex with four girls under 15. A court sentenced him to 2.5 years in absentia due to the fact that he was in the meantime extradited to Qatar on the promise that he would be prosecuted there. Local prosecution dropped the case shortly after. In 2015 a Prague court lowered Sani’s sentence to 11 months and 8 days, the exact amount of time the prince spent in a Czech jail before his extradition. The international arrest warrant issued on him has also been cancelled. 

Two police cars set on fire in Prague

14-02-2016 09:27 | Daniela Lazarová

Two police cars parked outside a police station in Prague were set on fire in the night hours, the ctk news agency reported. Both cars belonged to the traffic police. The incident is being investigated as suspected arson. 

Dukovany power plant reconnects first and second unit to grid

14-02-2016 09:20 | Daniela Lazarová

The second unit of the Dukovany nuclear power has been reconnected to the grid and the plant’s first unit should start producing power on Sunday, the plant's spokesman Jiří Bezdek told the ctk news agency. The shutdowns of both units was longer than expected due to repeated checks of faulty welds. The plant’s first unit was out of operation since August of last year and the second since September 2015. The power utility ČEZ, which owns the power plant, lost 2.5 billion crowns due to the shutdown of the two units. 

Czech officials: Višegrad Four summit agenda does not run counter German proposals for migrant crisis

14-02-2016 09:07 | Daniela Lazarová

Czech State Secretary for European Affairs Tomáš Prouza has confirmed that he was contacted by the German ambassador to Prague with regard to the agenda and goals of the Višegrad Four summit due to be held in Prague on Monday. According to Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico Germany has voiced objections to the fact that the Višegrad Four, comprising the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, as well as representatives of Macedonia and Bulgaria would be discussing plans to beef-up security at the Bulgarian and Macedonian border if Greece should fail to bring the flow of migrants under control. The German weekly Der Spiegel wrote that plans by the Višegrad Four undermine EU unity in the need to secure the EU’s outer borders and Chancellor Merkel’s plan to solve the migrant crisis with the aid of Turkey.

Mr. Prouza dismissed these claims saying the Czech Republic and other V4 countries supported cooperation with Turkey in the solution to the migrant crisis but at the same time, they were prepared to intensify aid to Greece as well as to Macedonia and Bulgaria to help bring the influx of migrants under control. He noted that European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker recently called on EU member states to provide bilateral aid to Macedonia. We consider it a natural part of the European solution to the migrant crisis, Prouza said.

The State Secretary for EU Affairs added that he had also debated the summit’s agenda with the Dutch ambassador to Prague as a representative of the EU presiding country and the head of the European Commission Representation in Prague in the past days.

Czech Foreign Minister Lubomír Zaorálek said he did not perceive German questions about the Visegrad Four summit on migration as objections, but considered them a natural effort to clarify certain points and seek a joint approach in the migrant crisis. 

Czech government unaware of German objections to Višegrad summit

13-02-2016 18:02 | Daniela Lazarová

The Czech government says it has not registered any signs of German objections to the Višegrad Four summit due to be held in Prague next week. According to Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico Germany had voiced a protest against the fact that the Višegrad Four, comprising the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Hungary, as well as representatives of Macedonia and Bulgaria would be discussing plans to beef-up security at the Bulgarian and Macedonian border if Greece should fail to bring the flow of migrants under control. According to Der Spiegel these plans by the Višegrad Four undermine EU unity in the need to secure the EU’s outer borders and may lead to an open conflict with Chancellor Merkel. Czech government spokesman Martin Ayrer said the Višegrad summit would focus on the 25 th anniversary of the Višegrad Four and migration issues and rejected the idea that the alliance aimed to counter Germany’s proposals at the upcoming EU summit. 

ANO maintains edge over political rivals

13-02-2016 18:01 | Daniela Lazarová

Finance Minister Andrej Babis’ ANO party has placed top in a public support poll conducted by the Median agency in January. The party received 24 percent support, followed closely by its coalition partner, the Social Democrats, with 23 percent support. The Communist Party placed third with 13 percent and the opposition TOP 09 and Civic Democrats tied at 9.5 percent. The Christian Democrats received a 7 percent support rating. 

Police investigating chlorine leak

13-02-2016 15:57 | Daniela Lazarová

Police are investigating a chlorine leak at a swimming pool facility in a hotel in the Klinovec ski resort in the Ore Mountains on Friday. Twelve people were taken to hospital for treatment among them seven tourists from Denmark who were treated at a medical facility in Annaberg, Germany. Five Czechs received treatment in the Czech Republic. 

Czech designer Bořek Šípek dies at 66

13-02-2016 13:50 | Daniela Lazarová

Prominent Czech architect and designer Bořek Šípek has died at the age of 66. He succumbed to cancer. Šípek was known for his unusual, colorful and rich style and neo-baroque designs. He focused on product design for international manufacturers. At the request of the late president Václav Havel he was appointed Court architect at Prague Castle. His work has been featured in numerous exhibitions and can be found in permanent collections many museums worldwide. 

Pravo:Third terrorist suspect filed for asylum in Czech Republic

13-02-2016 09:53 | Daniela Lazarová

Faouzi Jaber, the third terrorist suspect wanted by the US who remains in a Prague jail, allegedly filed for asylum in the Czech Republic. According to the daily Pravo this was the reason why Justice Minister Robert Pelikan could not decide on his fate together with the other two suspects who were freed. According to the paper, the Czech Interior Ministry has since rejected his application, and the minister is expected to make a decision on whether to extradite him to the US or free him in the coming days. According to his lawyer Jaber was afraid of extradition both to the US and Lebanon. 


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