News Survey: Three-quarters of Czechs believe public officials are corrupt

02-04-2014 11:55 | Ian Willoughby

Three-quarters of Czechs believe that most or almost all public officials are corrupt, suggests an opinion poll conducted by the CVVM agency. Only 2 percent of over 1,000 people surveyed last month said that corruption in the public administration was an exceptional occurrence. Political parties and government ministries were rated the most corrupt institutions in the survey. The findings were little changed from those recorded in similar polls in recent years.

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Most restaurants in Dejvice open, making use of drinkable water brought in

25-05-2015 13:21 | Jan Velinger

The majority of restaurants in Prague’s Dejvice district opened to customers on Monday despite a shortage of drinkable tap water due to a widespread bacterial infection. Hundreds of people came down with intestinal problems and diarrhea after drinking the water at the weekend. Restaurant owners told the Czech News Agency they were sending out employees for drinking water from cisterns stationed in affected areas. Prague hygiene officer Zdeňka Jagrová confirmed that establishments could open providing they used the clean drinking water provided. 

Presence of bacteria in Dejvice tap water confirmed

25-05-2015 12:24 | Jan Velinger

Prague’s Dejvice district will have to do without drinkable tap water until at least Wednesday public broadcaster Czech TV reported on Monday. Tests confirmed the presence of coliform bacteria which had caused hundreds of people intestinal problems and diarrhea; many visited hospitals at the weekend. The infection is reportedly not serious and can be treated by over-the-counter medicine. More than 50 cisterns with fresh drinkable water have been parked in areas affected. A full list of streets can be found at Residents have been warned to not use the water even for brushing one’s teeth - nor is boiling the water a solution. 

State prosecutor recommends three to four year sentence for Nagyová

25-05-2015 11:56 | Jan Velinger

The state prosecutor has asked for a three to four year sentence in the case of Jana Nagyová (now Nečasová), the former aide and now spouse to ex-prime minister Petr Nečas, accused of abuse of office. The court on Monday examined final evidence; Nagyová is suspected of having used military intelligence to her own ends ie. to spy on the former prime minister’s first wife. Three others are also charged in connection with the case. 

Giro d'Italia: König currently fifth

25-05-2015 08:13 | Jan Velinger

Czech cyclist Leopold König, in the past ninth in the Vuelta, seventh in the Tour de France, is currently fifth in this year's Giro d'Italia. News website iDnes described the cyclist as one of the major new talents of Sky team, saying he had struggled at moments in the race, including a heavy mountain stage, but still improved by five spots in the overall standings. 

Football: Chelsea down Sunderland in what is likely to be last Blues appearance by Čech

25-05-2015 07:12 | Jan Velinger

Premier League champions Chelsea, with goalkeeper Petr Čech, won their last match of the season on Sunday, defeating Sunderland by a score of 3:1. The keeper faced 17 shots in what is likely to be his last match for the Blues; Čech has been allowed to negotiate a possible move with one year left on his contract. The legend, who won numerous honours with Chelsea including the Champions League was replaced as No. 1 in goal this season by Belgian Thibault Courtois. 

Christian Democrats in favour of continued sanctions against Russia

24-05-2015 18:25 | Jan Velinger

The Christian Democrats, at their continuing party congress in Zlín on Sunday condemned Russian aggression in Ukraine and rejected the redrawing of the country's borders through military force. In a statement, the Christian Democrats - members of the country's ruling coalition - made clear they were in favour of current sanctions against Russia and were even for a tightening of measures if the situation called for it, to get Russia to change its current course. 

Two-year-old seriously injured by dog

24-05-2015 18:04 | Jan Velinger

A two-year-old boy in the area of Hradec Králové was seriously injured by a dog on Sunday morning. The child was transported to hospital; the police are investigating the incident. The boy's injury, while serious, was not life-threatening. 

Unique tiara auctioned for more than one million crowns

24-05-2015 17:20 | Jan Velinger

A unique tiara which was commissioned for his wife by Czech diplomat Vojtěch Mastný almost 100 years ago, sold for 1.44 million crowns in auction in Prague on Saturday. The opening bid was a minimum of 360,000 crowns. Four interested buyers reportedly bid for the luxury item. 

Bělobrádek: Christian Democrats need to broaden image, continue to meet promises

24-05-2015 17:02 | Jan Velinger

The leader of the smallest government coalition party, the Christian Democrats Pavel Bělobrádek, has told delegates at the his party's congress in Zlín that the party needs to continue meeting its promises and to uphold its programme, saying backing the current coalition government was necessary to meet its goals. Mr Bělobrádek also stressed the Christian Democrats needed to change their image as a "clerical" or Christian party for Christians, saying they needed to show how it had changed and wanted to modernise the Czech Republic. On Saturday, Mr Bělobrádek was re-elected as chairman, receiving 251 out of a possible 275 votes from delegates. 

Football: Čech makes what could be last appearance for Chelsea

24-05-2015 16:32 | Jan Velinger

Petr Čech started in goal on Sunday in the last match of the season in what is widely expected to be his last game for his longtime club Chelsea. The Czech player has been with Chelsea for 11 years and was the No. 1 goalkeeper for most of them. During that time he won four Premiership titles, the Champions League, and other honours. He is expected to sign with a new club this summer, a year before his contract with the Blues officially expires. Čech, a legend at the London club, lost his place as top 'keeper this year to Belgian Thibault Courtois. 



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