News Police chief apologies over behaviour of police over request to lift MP’s immunity

12-06-2014 17:30 updated | Ian Willoughby

The head of the Czech police force, Tomáš Tuhý, has apologised for the behaviour of detectives in connection with a request to the Chamber of Deputies to lift the parliamentary immunity of MP Zuzana Kailová, a request rejected in a vote on Tuesday. In a letter to the speaker of the lower house, Jan Hamáček, the police president said officers had not behaved in a polite and correct fashion. Mr. Hamáček complained that he had learned about the police's wish to file charges filed against Ms. Kailová from the media. Ms. Kailová, an MP with the Social Democrats, is accused of breach of trust and abuse of office in a previous function in local politics.

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Presence of coliform bacteria in Brno tap water could be result of combination of factors

24-10-2016 16:49 | Jan Velinger

The presence of coliform bacteria in tap water in Brno could be a combination of different factors, an official revealed on Monday, among them a weaker dose of a disinfection agent than usual or a higher water temperature. Petr Šindler of Brno Waterworks and Canalization confirmed the news, saying it was not possible to determine which factor had been dominant. The city has since quadrupled the amount of chlorine in the water supply. Coliform bacteria was found in Brno tap water in September. 

Head of lower house calls on Castle to clarify situation, backs Brady for state honour

24-10-2016 16:28 updated | Jan Velinger

The chairman of the lower house Jan Hamáček has backed the prime minister’s call on the head of state for Auschwitz survivor George Brady to be given a state award in recognition of his life’s work. The politician said that he hoped President Miloš Zeman would heed the call but made clear that if he did not, there were other means by which the Chamber of Deputies could honour the 88-year-old. In addition, the head of the lower house stated that he felt that Prague Castle needed to do more to clear the matter up. The culture minister, Daniel Herman, has claimed that he warned by the president that if he met with the Dalai Lama (as happened last week) his uncle George Brady would not receive the state award.

In related news, George Brady has accepted an invitation from Palácký University Olomouc which wants to recognise his life’s work with an award of its own. The news was confirmed on Monday for the Czech News Agency by the school’s rector, Jaroslav Miller and by Mr Brady’s wife, Tereza. The ceremony is likely to be scheduled for October 28th – the same day state honours will be awarded by the head of state. 

Office of the President ordered to pay 100,000 crown fine for failure to apologise in Peroutka case

24-10-2016 15:34 | Jan Velinger

A bailiff ordered the Office of the President to pay a 100,000 crown fine on Monday for failing to respect a court decision ordering the president to apologise for comments made about journalist Ferdinand Peroutka; the news was confirmed by Czech TV. In a past speech, President Milos Zeman maintained the journalist once wrote an article referring to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler as “a gentleman”. The late Mr Peroutka’s granddaughter took the matter to court and followed up with a distraint order when no apology was issued. Unless Prague Castle complies, the bailiff could freeze its account; the fine given is the highest possible in such cases. 

Weather Forecast

24-10-2016 14:22 | Jan Velinger

Tuesday will be mostly cloudy and rain is expected; daytime highs should reach up to 15 degrees Celsius. 

Czech Chamber of Commerce and sellers warn of net loss of around four billion crowns

24-10-2016 13:53 | Jan Velinger

The Czech Confederation of Commerce and Tourism, the Czech Chamber of Commerce, and Atrium Czech Real Estate Management (managing the Flora shopping centre in Prague) held a joint-press conference on Monday warning that legislation passed this year – forcing large retailers to close their doors on seven state holidays – will lead to a net loss in revenues of around four billion crowns across the Czech Republic. Additionally, the grouping warned that the new law would lead to job losses, not just among cashiers or sellers but also cleaners and security. By contrast, the bill had support from the unions as it would allow employees in the service sector time off. October 28 is one of seven state holidays when large retail stores will not be allowed to sell products. 

Tennis: Kvitová slips to 13th spot in WTA rankings

24-10-2016 12:43 | Jan Velinger

Czech tennis player and two-time Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitová has slipped to 13th spot in the WTA rankings, down from 11th spot. The player lost a chance to secure 730 points by failing to qualify for this year’s WTA Finals. Fellow Czech player Karolína Plíšková, currently in fifth spot, will play in the prestigious tournament for the first time. In men’s tennis, Tomáš Berdych has slipped to 10th spot in the ATP rankings. 

Ex-police officer gets two year driving ban for drink driving incident

24-10-2016 12:02 | Jan Velinger

Ex-police officer Karel Kadlec has been given a two-year driving ban and an eight-month probation period for a drink driving accident in which he crashed into a vehicle which had stopped for pedestrians at a crossing. The accident took place last year; Mr Kadlec agreed to a breathalyser test but refused to provide a blood sample following the incident. The defendant has already appealed the court decision. The former police officer was involved in a separate incident this April: he is charged with having crashed his vehicle into 29 parked cars in Prague’s Vinohrady district. 

Bisnode: Chinese capital in Czech firms fell by a tenth this year

24-10-2016 11:52 | Jan Velinger

Despite announcements of new Chinese acquisitions in the Czech Republic, Chinese capital in Czech companies decreased in volume this year, according to an annual report by the consulting agency Bisnode. Capital in Czech firms fell by around 616 million to 5.21 billion crowns, a decrease of around ten percent. The total number of domestic companies with Chinese owners decreased by 137 to 2,086, according to analysis of ownership structure published by the agency; the volume of Chinese capital in Czech firms in 2014 and 2015 had reached historic highs: increasing by 110 percent from 2.77 to 5.83 billion crowns. 

Deputy prime minister says George Brady deserves state distinction

24-10-2016 10:03 | Daniela Lazarová

Deputy Prime Minister Pavel Bělobrádek has echoed the prime minister’s call for Auschwitz survivor George Brady to be given a state award in recognition of his life’s work. Bělobrádek said that Mr. Brady was clearly a deserving nominee and since he had been promised the award it would be honourable to deliver on that promise. The 88-year-old Auschwitz survivor, who arrived in Prague on Sunday night, said he has been informed he would get the Order of T. G. Masaryk by the chief of Prague Castle protocol Jindřich Forejt. According to Mr. Brady was on the list of nominees but was removed from it after his nephew Culture Minister Herman met with the Dalai Lama. 

Two potential witnesses to conversation in which president reportedly threatened minister heard nothing

24-10-2016 09:52 | Daniela Lazarová

Two potential witnesses to a conversation in which President Zeman allegedly threatened Culture Minister Daniel Herman that if he met with the Dalai Lama his uncle, Auschwitz survivor George Brady, would not receive a state award, say they are unable to confirm the exchange. Trade Minister Jan Mládek and Transport Minister Dan Tok say that although they were within hearing, they were speaking to others and not paying attention to the conversation between the president and culture minister. President Zeman admitted that he had asked Culture Minister Herman not to meet with the Tibetan spiritual leader but denied having threatened him. The culture minister’s claim has sent shock waves around the country and many politicians, academics and cultural figures are planning to boycott the award-giving ceremony at Prague Castle on the occasion of Czechoslovak Independence Day, October 28. 


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