News More injured Ukrainians flown to Prague for treatment

06-03-2014 16:59 | Daniela Lazarová

A Czech army plane transported a dozen more Ukrainian nationals injured in the recent clashes on Maidan Square to Prague for treatment on Thursday. The majority suffered gunshot wounds and will require surgery. The Czech government on Wednesday night agreed to set aside a further 8.5 million crowns to fund the humanitarian mission. A first airlift last week brought back 27 injured to Prague hospitals. The Czech government has said it will continue providing humanitarian assistance for as long as is needed.

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NHL: Plekanec picks up points in 10-1 romp

11-12-2016 08:04 | Jan Velinger

Czech players Jakub Voráček and Tomáš Plekanec picked up points in their respective games on Saturday. Voráček, who plays for the Philadelphia Flyers scored once and had three assists against Dallas. The Flyers won the match 4-2 and now have an eight-game winning streak. The Montreal Canadiens' Plekanec got four assists against the Colorado Avalanche. The Habs declassed their opponents, winning 10-1. 

Mach steps down, aims to gain new mandate to head Free Citizens Party

11-12-2016 07:49 | Jan Velinger

Euro MO Petr Mach has stepped down as the leader of the extra-parliamentary party the Party of Free Citizens which he founded seven years ago. The chairman took the step with the intent of securing a new mandate; there has been division within the party over whether it should focus on a single issue, a British-style exit from the EU, or take a more nuanced approach. Mr Mach represents the latter wing. 

Bomb threat closes down Main Station for more than one hour

11-12-2016 07:33 | Jan Velinger

Passengers and staff were evacuated from Prague's Main Station on Saturday night after an anonymous caller warned a bomb had been hidden at the site. Trains ready to do so, departed, and further trains were turned away for more than one hour as the police searched the premises. Metro transport below the station continued uninterrupted but trains did not stop but only passed through. The police are searching for the anonymous caller; if found, the caller could face several years in jail. 

Football: Arsenal are top of the Premier League on goals scored

10-12-2016 17:57 | Jan Velinger

London football club Arsenal are top of the Premier League on goals scored, with Chelsea second. The club came from behind on Saturday to win 3-1 against Stoke. Stoke's lone goal came on a penalty. In the second half, substitute Peter Crouch could have added a second for Stoke but his header was denied by goalkeeper Petr Čech. 

Weather forecast

10-12-2016 15:17 | Jan Velinger

Sunday should be mostly cloudy with a chance of rain in places. Daytime temperatures should reach highs of around 6 or 7 degrees Celsius. 

NHL: Vrána, Sedlák score premiere goals

10-12-2016 15:13 | Jan Velinger

Washington Capitals forward Jakub Vrána got his first goal in the NHL on Friday, helping the Caps down the Buffalo Sabres 4-1. Columbus' Lukáš Sedlák also scored his first goal in the NHL, beating fellow Czech Petr Mrázek between the posts for Detroit. Mrázek was pulled after the goal. Columbus win the game by a score of 4-1. 

Police in region of Vysočina check more than one thousand hunters

10-12-2016 15:04 | Jan Velinger

Police in the region of Vysočina have so far this autumn checked some 1,200 hunters, finding no cases of serious wrongdoing. The news was confirmed by the regional police spokeswoman Dana Čírtková. Examined were permits, the state of hunters' firearms, and whether any alcohol had been consumed. On Saturday alone two hunting parties, totaling some 40 participants, were checked. 

Police hand out symbolic fines to riders using Segways in centre of Prague

10-12-2016 14:53 | Jan Velinger

Police on Saturday stopped a total of seven people by roughly mid-day for riding Segways in Prague's historic centre where the vehicles are banned. In two cases, the riders were foreign nationals who were given symbolic and low fines of 100 crowns (less than four euros). Police have the right to fine riders up to 2,000 crowns. Prague city councillors approved the ban on the use of Segways on roads and sidewalks in the historic centre in July but the ban was not enforced before some 600 traffic signs highlighting the ban were installed in areas. 

Tax changes sought by Social Democrats would chase away successful businesses, says finance minister

10-12-2016 14:32 | Jan Velinger

Tax changes being planned by the Social Democrats would "chase successful people and firms from the Czech Republic", Finance Minister Andrej Babiš has said in response to the Social Democrats plans regarding progressive taxation. The current coalition partners, polls suggest, are likely to finish first and second in the election next year and are vying for a fair amount of the same voters. The last national election was won narrowly by the Social Democrats. Recent rhetoric has put the political parties' differences into sharper relief: Mr Babiš, who heads ANO and is also deputy prime minister, said he did not understand why he and his party were - in his view - "continually criticized" by Social Democrat leader Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka. 

Sobotka: 2017 election will be between ANO and Social Democrats

10-12-2016 14:03 | Jan Velinger

Either ANO or the Social Democrats is how the head of the Social Democratic Party, Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka, assessed the chances of winning next year's parliamentary election which will outline the direction of the country for the next four years. Mr Sobotka made the statement at a closed meeting of the party leadership on Saturday. The party chairman has been trying to drum up support ahead of a party congress next March; so far no other candidate has come forward to challenge Mr Sobotka for the post. The leader said the Social Democrats needed to focus on a base of voters including families with children, the employed, and seniors and, for example, in improving wages. Polls have regularly put fellow members in government, ANO, first, ahead of the Social Democrats, although both parties lost ground in a recent survey. 


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