News Hockey: national squad to play twice at weekend

16-05-2014 17:32 | Jan Velinger

The Czech national hockey team, backstopped by goalie Alexander Salák, will face Denmark and Norway at the ice hockey worlds at the weekend. Both matches are crucial to clinching a spot in the quarterfinals. Questions remain about who will get the start in offence, as members of the team have been hit by stomach flu or have come down with colds. Tomáš Hertl, Jiří Hudler and Vladimír Sobotka are all doubtful for the next match. The Czech squad is currently third in Group A, behind Sweden and Canada.

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Carmaker Škoda ninth best-selling brand in Europe in August

17-09-2014 14:10 | Jan Richter

The car manufacturer Škoda Auto sold over 36,000 vehicles in Europe last month, and moved from tenth to ninth place of the best-selling brands on the continent, according to figures by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association released on Wednesday. Compared to the same month last year, Škoda’s sales increased by 21 percent, giving the carmaker a record 5.2 percent market share.. Škoda’s Czech sales however only grew by 7 percent in August year on year. 

Opposition leader refuses to apologize for “communist cop”

17-09-2014 13:58 | Jan Richter

Deputy head of the opposition TOP 09 party Miroslav Kalousek has refused to apologize to fellow MP, Zdeněk Ondráček of the Communist Party, for calling him a “communist cop” in a lower house debate. The house’s mandate and immunity committee denounced the statement, and demanded that Mr Kalousek apologize to the Communist deputy. Mr Ondráček served as police officer under the communist regime and took part in the brutal suppression of a student march on November 17, 1989, which triggered the Velvet Revolution. But on Wednesday, Miroslav Kalousek said the committee’s decision was shameful, and appealed against the verdict. 

MPs back plans to introduce another VAT rate

17-09-2014 12:15 | Jan Richter

The lower house of Parliament on Wednesday backed draft legislation introducing a third rate of the value added tax. If approved, the proposal, put forth by the government, would establish a 10-percent rate that would apply to books, medicine and baby food, as of January 2015. The Czech Republic currently has two VAT rates, 21 and 15 percent, respectively. The government believes a third, 10-percent rate would lower the prices of the selected goods, benefiting mainly families with children. Opposition leaders criticized the plan as hypocritical, and instead suggested the existing VAT rates should be lowered. A final vote on the proposal in the lower house is scheduled for later this week. 

Czech government plans no mass repatriation of Ukrainian Czechs

17-09-2014 11:59 | Jan Richter

The Czech government is not planning to repatriate ethnic Czechs from Ukraine, Foreign Minister Lubomír Zaorálek told reporters during his visit to the country. Mr Zaorálek is visiting the Czech community in Zhytomyr on Wednesday to address their concerns over the security situation in Ukraine. In March, some 40 ethnically Czech families asked the Czech authorities for assistance with relocating to the Czech Republic, a plea recently backed by President Miloš Zeman. But Minister Zaorálek said members of the Czech community in Ukraine could use existing channels to repatriate. An estimated 5,000 Czechs live in Ukraine where their ancestors settled in the 19th century. 

Eleventh Fresh Film Fest gets underway in Prague

17-09-2014 09:52 | Ian Willoughby

Fresh Film Fest, an annual event focused on young directors and debut works, gets underway in Prague on Wednesday. The festival is showcasing around 100 feature length and short films and takes place at a number of venues in the city, from regular cinemas to an anchored boat on the River Vltava. The 11th edition begins with a screening of Jonathan Glazer’s Under the Skin at the Světozor cinema. 

Czech lower house: Ukraine crisis should be resolved by treaty affirming territorial integrity

17-09-2014 09:31 | Ian Willoughby

The situation in Ukraine should be resolved by a diplomatic treaty between Ukraine, Russia, the European Union and the US based on the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, the Czech Chamber of Deputies said in a resolution passed on Tuesday evening. The lower house held a session on the matter at the instigation of the Civic Democrats, who wanted Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka to clarify his position on sanctions against Russia. Mr. Sobotka reiterated that he doubted their effectiveness. Foreign Minister Lubomír Zaorálek said he would discuss humanitarian aid to Ukraine on a visit to the country on Wednesday. 

Pro-Russian separatists reported to have entered Czech consulate in Donetsk

16-09-2014 16:57 | Ian Willoughby

Pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine are reported to have entered the Czech consulate in the eastern city of Donetsk on Sunday. The diplomatic office has been closed since June. Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council said on Twitter that what it called terrorists were continuing to capture buildings and that the Czech and Polish consulates had been affected. The Czech Foreign Ministry said, however, that the separatists had looked the building over before leaving it. Meanwhile, pro-Russian rebels were reported to have briefly detained Czech Radio journalist Vít Pohanka near the consulate. 

Exhibition of photographs taken by US student in August 1968 goes on show

16-09-2014 14:14 | Ian Willoughby

An exhibition of photographs taken by American Paul F. Goldsmith in Prague during the Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia is being held in the city. Then a student, Goldsmith was touring Europe in August 1968 and found himself in Prague when the tanks rolled in; on leaving the country he gave his photographs to the AP news agency in West Germany and they were soon seen around the world. He is due to attend Tuesday evening’s opening at the café Krásný ztráty. The exhibition runs until November 9. 

Czech picture Fair Play in contention for European Film Awards

16-09-2014 14:05 | Ian Willoughby

The Czech movie Fair Play has been placed on a long list of nominees for this year’s European Film Awards. Written and directed by Andrea Sedláčková, Fair Play explores doping in sport in the final decade of the communist era. It is among 50 films from 31 European countries in contention for various prizes; nominations will be announced in November ahead of an awards ceremony in Riga the following month. 

Former world number seven Vaidišová returns four years after quitting tennis

16-09-2014 13:57 | Ian Willoughby

Former tennis star Nicole Vaidišová is set to return to the sport later on Tuesday when she takes part in the first round of an International Tennis Federation tournament in the US city of Albuquerque. The one-time world number seven, who is 25, retired four years ago saying she had lost her love of tennis. Vaidišová said coming back would be a lot harder than starting out in the first place, describing the move as a step into the unknown. 



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