News Gas company RWE returns to profit in 2013

23-04-2014 12:58 | Chris Johnstone

The Czech Republic’s biggest retailer of natural gas, RWE Czech Republic, said on Wednesday that it had halted the erosion of its customer base last year. RWE said it increased gas sales to 37.6 TWh from 37.0 TWh and attracted back customers with new offers. The company announced a profit of 10.5 billion crowns on turnover of 53.6 billion crowns, though the results are not comparable with previous years because of the sale of its gas pipeline company NET4GAS and other changes. It made a loss of around 16.7 billion in 2012. The company said it is consolidating its position as the biggest alternative electricity supplier by attracting a quarter of all the customers switching suppliers last year.

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Trump invites Zeman to White House in telephone conversation

06-12-2016 19:02 updated | Ian Willoughby

US president-elect Donald Trump has invited the Czech president, Miloš Zeman, to the White House, according to Mr. Zeman’s spokesman, Jiří Ovčáček, who said the two men had spoken by telephone on Tuesday. He said Mr. Trump had praised the fact that the Czech head of state had been the only European president who had publicly supported him prior to November’s election in the United States. The end of April is being spoken about as a possible date for the visit. For his part, America’s president-elect has accepted an invitation from Miloš Zeman to come to the Czech Republic, Mr. Ovčáček said. The pair’s conversation also took in Islamic terrorism and political and economic cooperation between their countries, he added. 

Zeman congratulates Van der Bellen on winning Austria presidential vote

06-12-2016 14:51 | Ian Willoughby

The Czech president, Miloš Zeman, has congratulated Alexander Van der Bellen on his election as president of Austria. Mr. Van der Bellen defeated the far-right candidate Norbert Hofer in Sunday’s election re-run. Mr. Zeman said the votes the former Greens leader had received were a testament to the hope that the Austrian electorate had in him. Other senior Czech politicians congratulated Mr. Van on Sunday evening der Bellen, soon after his victory became clear. 

More effort needed to get long-term unemployed into workforce, says PM

06-12-2016 13:36 | Ian Willoughby

The unemployment rate in the Czech Republic is the lowest in Europe but efforts must still be made to get the long-term unemployed into work, says Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka. Speaking after a visit to the headquarters of the country’s labour offices on Tuesday, Mr.Sobotka said that while just 366,000 people were out of work last month, there were almost 140,000 unfilled positions on the labour market. As well as offering such jobs to those out of work for a long time, steps must be taken to prevent social welfare abuse, the prime minister said. 

Police recommend charges against expert witness in Janoušek hit and run case

06-12-2016 13:09 | Ian Willoughby

The police have recommended that charges be filed against an expert witness who gave evidence in the case of Roman Janoušek, an influential businessman who was later found guilty of hit and run while under the influence, reported. The police investigated the court expert on the urging of judge Tomáš Kubovec, who heard Mr. Janoušek’s trial. If found guilty of perjury and presenting false information the expert could face between six months and three years in prison and be banned from the profession. 

Weather forecast

06-12-2016 12:29 | Ian Willoughby

It should be partly fair on Wednesday with temperatures of up to 1 degree Celsius. The outlook is similar for the rest of the week, though daytime highs will reach up to 6 degrees Celsius. 

Zeman to speak in lower house on Wednesday

06-12-2016 12:13 | Ian Willoughby

President Miloš Zeman will deliver an address to the Chamber of Deputies on Wednesday, his spokesman, Jiří Ovčáček, has announced. Mr. Ovčáček refused to say whether the head of state would comment on next year’s budget, which is due to be debated by deputies on Wednesday. While the deficit has already been set at CZK 60 billion, MPs are set to vote on various modifications within the 2017 budget. Mr. Zeman has addressed the lower house a number of times since taking office almost four years ago. 

Václav Fischer launches arbitration proceedings against Czech state over planes

06-12-2016 11:50 | Ian Willoughby

A company owned by Czech businessman Václav Fischer has launched international arbitration proceedings against the Czech Republic. The Germany-based firm, Aircraftleasing Meier und Fischer (AMF), is demanding CZK 3.1 billion crowns as compensation for two Boeing 737 planes that were seized in 2005 when Mr. Fischer was declared bankrupt. AMF filed notice regarding the dispute with the Ministry of Finance in February, citing an international investment protection treaty. Mr. Fischer was at one time one of the best-known names in the outgoing tourism business in the Czech Republic. 

President’s protocol chief steps down after publication of incriminating materials

06-12-2016 11:20 | Ian Willoughby

The head of protocol at Prague Castle, Jindřich Forejt, is to step down by the end of the year, citing personal and health reasons. The announcement was made by President Miloš Zeman’s spokesman, Jiří Ovčáček, on Tuesday morning. The news site on Monday published stills from a video recording appearing to show Mr. Forejt sniffing a white substance. The video is reportedly one of several filmed at the protocol chief’s Prague home. Mr. Forejt, who is 39 and also served under Václav Klaus at Prague Castle, had been tipped as an ambassador to the Vatican. 

NHL: Pastrňák scores two in tight win over Florida

06-12-2016 09:53 | Jan Velinger

The Boston Bruins’ David Pastrňák scored twice and David Krejčí earned two assists in the team’s 4:3 win in extra time on Monday over the Florida Panthers. Jaromír Jágr scored once for the losing side. The Bruins are currently third in the Atlantic Division and seventh in the Eastern Conference. 

NHL: Voráček gets assist as Flyers continue winning streak

05-12-2016 16:08 | Jan Velinger

Jakub Voráček got an assist in the Philadelphia Flyers win over Nashville – the team’s fifth straight victory. In other NHL hockey, Petr Mrázek continued to do well between the posts for the Detroit Red Wings, helping the club win 4:3 in overtime. Detroit are currently in the bottom half of the Eastern Conference and 20th in the league overall. 


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