EU Commission has long list of reservations over Czech plans to pump funds: report

The European Commission in Brussels has dispatched a long list of reservations about the Czech Republic’s plans to pump EU funds over next financing period until 2020. The daily Mladá fronta Dnes reported Wednesday that the list contains 88 specific reservations over the Czech strategy in the so-called Partnership Agreement. These cover, for example, the heavy onus on constructing incineration plants to deal with household waste, questions why past information technology programmes and investments have been such a shambles, and why plans to burn more biomass in power plants are not linked to cuts in polluting emissions. Overall, the Commission has called for more specific reasons and statistics explaining why certain investment options have been chosen. The Czech Republic is already lagging its neighbours Slovakia and Poland who have already had their Partnership Agreements cleared by Brussels. EU funds over the next seven years for the Czech Republic come to around 550 billion crowns.