News Czech tourists stranded in Greece after travel agency fails

13-08-2014 13:48 updated | Jan Richter

Some 120 Czech tourists have been stranded in Greece after their tour operator HELLAS declared bankruptcy on Wednesday. Nine of their clients are set to return to the Czech Republic on Wednesday while the others are being contacted by an assistance service, according to the Generali insurance firm which provided insolvency insurance to the tour operator. HELLAS quoted issues with their Greek partners, the weak Czech crown and low package tours prices as the reason behind their collapse. It has become the third Czech tour operator to declare bankruptcy this season.

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Prague could be regional centre for Chinese financial institutions, says PM after talks with Wang

13-10-2015 18:52 | Ian Willoughby

Prague has a big chance of becoming a centre for Chinese financial institutions in the Central and Eastern European region, the Czech prime minister, Bohuslav Sobotka said on Tuesday after talks in the city with China’s foreign minister, Wang Yi. The two also discussed Mr. Sobotka’s planned visit to China in November, when he will head a large trade delegation to the world’s most populous state. The Czech leader also said Prague was interested in another direct air connection to China after one was introduced recently. Mr. Wang is the first Chinese foreign minister to visit the Czech Republic in 14 years. 

Sobotka calls on Babiš to apologise to MPs over comments

13-10-2015 17:26 | Ian Willoughby

Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka says Deputy PM and Finance Minister Andrej Babiš should apologise to two government MPs who he said were influenced by the gambling lobby. Mr. Sobotka said such unfounded attacks were out of place in the coalition. Mr. Babiš made the comments in connection with a vote on gambling tax on Monday. One of the two MPs, Jan Bartošek of the Christian Democrats, said he expected an apology, though the ANO chief said none would be forthcoming. 

ANO remain ahead in latest opinion poll

13-10-2015 15:34 | Ian Willoughby

ANO would win elections with 23.5 percent, ahead of their coalition partners the Social Democrats on 21 percent, according to the results of an opinion poll conducted by the Median agency. The Communist Party would finish third, with 14 percent, the survey suggests. TOP 09 enjoy the backing of 11.5 percent of voters, ahead of the Civic Democrats with 8.5 percent and the Christian Democrats with 6 percent, the poll indicates. ANO have been consistently ahead in opinion polls for some time. 

Campaigners say government more interested in extracting taxes than tackling gambling addiction

13-10-2015 14:11 | Ian Willoughby

Anti-gambling organisations say the government is not interested in genuinely regulating the industry but rather wants to extract the most possible money from those addicted to gambling machines. Speaking on Tuesday, representatives of Transparency International and Citizens Against Gambling said they were not satisfied with a bill just approved by the government that would increase taxation on gambling machines. Well-known campaigner Matěj Hollan accused the minister of finance, Andrej Babiš, of making light of the impact of gambling and seeking only to line the state coffers with the new legislation. 

Takeover of SABMiller will not affect Plzeňský Prazdroj beers in Czech Republic, say experts

13-10-2015 13:57 | Ian Willoughby

Anheuser-Busch InBev NV’s purchase of SABMiller, which owns the Czech brewery Plzeňský Prazdroj, will not impact the price or quality of the latter’s beers in the Czech Republic, according to experts cited by the Czech News Agency. Vladimír Balach of the Czech Union of Breweries and Malt Houses said the move would not affect the manufacture of the brewery’s Pilsner Urquell or Gambrinus brands. However, some experts believe the huge deal could help boost international sales of the Czech-produced brews, reported. 

Czech boss Vrba admits to fondness for Dutch football ahead of Amsterdam game

13-10-2015 12:52 | Ian Willoughby

Speaking ahead of a soccer game between the Netherlands and the Czech Republic on Tuesday night, Czech coach Pavel Vrba said he had supported the Holland team featuring Johann Cruyff as a child and remained a fan of Dutch football. Vrba said he wished the Netherlands could qualify for Euro 2016 but that the Czechs aimed to win every game they played. The Dutch need to win to keep alive their hopes of reaching the playoffs for Euro 2016. The Czech team qualified for the tournament with two games to spare. 

Ombudswoman: Children at asylum facility have worse conditions than Czech prisonsers

13-10-2015 12:36 | Ian Willoughby

Children at an asylum facility for refugees have worse living conditions than inmates in Czech prisons, says the country’s ombudswoman, Anna Šabatová. After a visit on Tuesday morning, she called on the country’s asylum facilities authority and the migration police to immediately improve conditions at the Bělá-Jezová centre in Eastern Bohemia. Mrs. Šabatová said the children had inadequate clothing and were frightened by the constant presence of police and security guards at the facility, which she said did not meet basic hygiene standards. Bělá-Jezová at present houses around 400 adults and 100 children. 

Police question ex-minister Langer and senior officers after series of raids

13-10-2015 12:19 | Ian Willoughby

The police’s organised crime unit have detained former interior minister Ivan Langer and senior police officers after a series of raids on Tuesday morning relating to the giving and receiving of bribes and abuse of office. Czech Television said that the police’s internal affairs squad had questioned the deputy head of the anti-corruption police, Jiří Jach, and the director of the criminal police, Milan Pospíšek. A search has been conducted of Mr. Langer’s home in Olomouc and a business partner of his, Ivan Kyselý, has also been questioned. The extensive operation relates to the Ševětín solar power plant in South Bohemia, Czech Television said. The magazine Respekt recently reported that CZK 100 million had disappeared during its construction. 

Constitutional Court orders case on possible discrimination against Romanies to be reopened

13-10-2015 09:39 | Daniela Lazarová

The Constitutional Court has ruled on the reopening of a case pertaining to the possible discrimination of three Romanies who were refused accommodation in a hotel in north Bohemia. The three men claim that the receptionist had confirmed they had vacant rooms over the phone but refused to accommodate them when they turned up in person. A ruling by the regional court in Ustí nad Labem went in favour of the hotel which produced an earlier booking for all of the hotel’s 156 rooms by a German entrepreneur who allegedly failed to turn up. The Romanies are demanding an apology and 25,000 crowns in compensation. 

Czech Prison Service workers to help guard detention centres

12-10-2015 21:16 | Daniela Lazarová

The Czech Prison Service is to help guard Czech detention centres for migrants, the ctk news agency reports. Justice Minister Robert Pelikan has released 70 employees for the job at the interior minister’s request. Prison Service employees will be working overtime for free under an article of the labour code relating to exceptional circumstances. 


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