News Czech PM: EU’s sanctions on Russia won’t hurt Czech economy

30-07-2014 13:56 | Jan Richter

Extended EU sanctions against Russia adopted over Moscow’s alleged support for the rebels in Ukraine will not have any significant impact on the Czech economy, the country’s prime minister, Bohuslav Sobotka, said in a statement on Wednesday. The sanctions are targeting Russia’s oil sector, defence equipment and sensitive technologies. However, the Czech Republic’s trade to Russia is based on civilian goods, Mr Sobotka said. The opposition Civic Democrats have questioned the prime minister’s claim, and said any effective sanctions must also logically hurt those who impose them.

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V4, German and French ministers to discuss Brexit vote fallout in Prague Monday

27-06-2016 08:03 | Ian Willoughby

The foreign ministers of the Visegrad Four, Germany and France are to meet in Prague on Monday, a day before a summit in Brussels focused on the United Kingdom’s plan to exit the European Union. The ministers are expected to discuss responsibility for the outcome of the Brexit vote, EU reform and possible personnel changes at the head of the bloc, the Czech News Agency reported. On Sunday the Czech foreign minister, Lubomír Zaorálek, said the president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, bore responsibility for the outcome of the UK vote and should step down. 

Kampa event to mark anniversary of death of Milada Horáková

27-06-2016 07:44 | Ian Willoughby

An event commemorating Milada Horáková and other victims of the Communist regime is being held in Prague on Monday, which is the anniversary of her execution following a show trial in 1950. The public are being invited to light candles at the gathering at Kampa Museum at 20:30. Other memorial events are also being held on Monday, including at Pankrác prison, where politician Milada Horáková became the only women put to death by the Communists. 

Over 10 tonnes of chemicals removed from private home

26-06-2016 18:48 | Ian Willoughby

Over 10 tonnes of chemicals have been removed from private home at Nedvědice near Brno. Fire officers began carting off the chemicals on Friday following the death of the owner of the house, who had collected them over the years, and had expected they would total 3 tonnes. The chemicals could have been dangerous if they came into contact with other materials or even reacted with air or water. In view of the seriousness of the situation the local governor declared a state of emergency to allow for fire officers and chemists to remove and destroy the chemicals without delay. 

EC chief Juncker should quit over Brexit, says Zaorálek

26-06-2016 14:31 | Ian Willoughby

The president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, bears responsibility for the people of the United Kingdom voting to leave the European Union and should step down, the Czech minister of foreign affairs, Lubomír Zaorálek, said on Czech Television on Sunday. Mr. Zaorálek said Mr. Juncker was in his view not the right man for the job. The Czech foreign policy chief also said that talks between Brussels and London over managing the UK’s exit should be launched as quickly as possible. 

Zeman: Brexit vote means EU will not be equal partner to China, Russia or US

26-06-2016 13:16 | Ian Willoughby

President Miloš Zeman says the UK’s vote to quit the European Union is bad for both sides. Speaking on TV Prima, Mr. Zeman said Britons would have not backed Brexit if the EU were headed by forceful personalities, adding that he had hoped the union would be an equal partner in dialogue with China, Russia and the US, but that would not now happen. The head of state also said he believed that Scotland was now likely to quit Great Britain, which would further undermine the UK economically. 

Hundreds attend Ležáky memorial on 74th anniversary of atrocity

26-06-2016 12:58 | Ian Willoughby

Hundreds of people attended a memorial on Sunday observing the 74th anniversary of the razing of the village of Ležáky by the Nazis and the murder of 52 of its citizens. Speaking at the ceremony, the chairman of the lower house of the Czech Parliament, Jan Hamáček, said Ležáky was an eternal reminder of the bad that people were capable of when they were guided by a hateful ideology. The village was burnt down on 24 June 1924, two weeks after a similar attack on Lidice. Both atrocities were part of reprisals for the assassination of Nazi governor Reinhard Heydrich. 

Fire officers called out three times more often than usual after storms

26-06-2016 09:51 | Ian Willoughby

Fire officers in the Czech Republic were called out three times more often than usual on Saturday to deal with the affects of heavy storms that hit large parts of the country. The worst-affected areas were south and central Bohemia and the Plzeň and Liberec regions. While average call-outs for fire brigades number just under 300 a day, on Saturday there were over 1,000, a spokesperson said. They have mainly been removing fallen trees, pumping water out of underground spaces and clearing drains. 

Jágr, 44, wins Golden Hockey Stick for player of year for 12th time

26-06-2016 07:09 | Ian Willoughby

Veteran star Jaromír Jágr has crowned a successful season with victory in the Golden Hockey Stick poll of Czech ice hockey player of the year. The third most productive player in NHL history, who is 44, picked up the prize for the 12th time in a ceremony in Karlovy Vary on Saturday night. Jágr said that he had first been in the 10 best in the Golden Hockey Stick way back in 1990 and that it remained a huge honour for him. 

Iggy Pop performs at maiden Metronome festival in Prague

26-06-2016 07:03 | Ian Willoughby

US singer Iggy Pop headlined the first edition of the Metronome music festival in Prague on Saturday. The punk pioneer, who is now 69, performed a 90-minute featuring many of his best-known songs as well as tracks from his most recent album Post Pop Depression. The two-day Metronome is taking place in parallel to United Islands of Prague, a long-running free festival that is held at various venues in the Czech capital. 

Social Democrats buy debt of lawyer they owe enormous sum

25-06-2016 19:17 | Ian Willoughby

The Social Democrats have bought a CZK 5 million debt of lawyer Zdeněk Altner, with whom they are locked in a legal dispute, and launched distraint proceedings against him. A spokesperson for the party said this would improve their position with regard to Mr. Altner, to whom they have been ordered to pay a huge sum. Mr. Altner’s legal representative said the move would not impact the case between his client and the Social Democrats, while the lawyer himself described the move as base. Earlier this year the Social Democrats were ordered to pay Mr. Altner CZK 377 million in connection with his representation in a case surrounding the party’s headquarters. 


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