News Czech finance minister wins court case over alleged communist past

26-06-2014 15:15 updated | Daniela Lazarová

The leader of the ANO coalition party and current Czech Finance Minister Andrej Babiš has won a court case against the Slovak Nation’s Memory Institute which registered him as a former communist-era secret police agent. Babiš launched the court proceedings in an attempt to clear his name, maintaining that although as a former foreign trade worker he could not avoid coming into contact with the communist secret police he had never been recruited as an agent or harmed anyone by bringing information against them. A Bratislava court ruled on Thursday that there was no evidence which would justify putting Andrej Babiš’ name on the list of former communist-era secret police agents. The institute has appealed the verdict.The allegations regarding Mr. Babiš’ past have sparked controversy on the Czech political scene with critics questioning his presence in high office.

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Czech and Slovak governments holding joint cabinet session

26-09-2016 12:26 | Daniela Lazarová

The Czech and Slovak governments are holding a joint working session in Bratislava on Monday with security issues, cooperation in defence and transport high on the agenda. The neighbour states are working to improve road and rail links and last year they signed an agreement on cooperation in defending their airspace. Ministers are also expected to debate plans for a joint celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia. The two nations spent 73 years in a common state, parting ways in 1993, but have maintained exceptionally close ties. 

Production of L-410 planes to remain in Moravia

26-09-2016 12:19 | Daniela Lazarová

The production of L-410 airplanes manufactured by the Russian-owned company Aircraft Industries will remain in Kunovice, South Moravia, representatives of the Russian company confirmed in talks with Czech Trade and Industry Minister Jan Mladek on Monday. The company’s employees had been holding a strike alert over fears that production would be reduced or shifted to Russia. The situation in the company has been deteriorating, with sales of the LET aircraft in one of the main markets, Russia, dropping sharply. Many of the 900-strong employees have been forced to take leave with reduced wages. According to the company’s management the firm has acquired new orders from China and full operation should be renewed by November. 

“Winton children” set up charity fund to finance memorial to their parents

26-09-2016 10:23 | Ruth Fraňková

A public fund has been set up to raise money for a memorial to the parents of the so-called Winton children, whose lives were saved when they were sent abroad from Czechoslovakia to escape almost certain death under the Nazis. The charity fund has been set up by a group of “Winton children” who are hoping to reach a target amount of 2.3 million crowns. The memorial, a bronze copy of a train door with glass casts of parents’ hands on one side and children’s hands on the other, is to be erected at Prague’s main railway station. A statue to Sir Nicholas Winton, who organised the transports of 669, mostly Jewish children, ahead of WWII, already stands at the station. 

Man charged with murdering Czech businessman in London

26-09-2016 10:00 | Ruth Fraňková

Detectives investigating the murder of a Czech businessman, which happened in east London last Friday, have charged a 29-year-old man. Raymond Sculley will appear in court on Monday. Two others arrested on Friday, a 19-year-old man and a 16-year-old boy, have been released on bail pending further inquiries. The 31-year old Zdeněk Makar was attacked on Friday following a row inside a fast food outlet. The gang chased and beat him to death with a metal chain, leaving him in a pool of blood. Friends of Mr Makar have raised money via the internet to help finance the repatriation of his body to the Czech Republic. 

Slavia beats Sparta 2:0 in Prague football derby

25-09-2016 18:23 | Ruth Fraňková

In football, Slavia Prague defeated their traditional rivals Sparta 2:0 in a Czech league game at the Letná stadium on Sunday. Maris Mešanovic opened the scoring in the 62nd minute, and Jaromír Zmrhal added another goal in 79th. The victory in the 286th Prague derby moves Slavia to the fifth place in the table. 

Prime Minister Sobotka supports production of L-410 aircrafts in Kunovice

25-09-2016 17:56 | Ruth Fraňková

Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka on Sunday advocated keeping production of the L-410 airplanes manufactured by the Russian-owned company Aircraft Industries in Kunovice, South Moravia. The employees went on strike alert on Wednesday over fears that production will be reduced or shifted to Russia. The future of the company is scheduled to be discussed by all parties concerned in Prague on Monday. The situation in the company has been deteriorating, with sales of the LET aircraft in one of the main markets, Russia, dropping sharply. Many of the 900-strong workforce have been forced to take leave with reduced wages. 

Former government airplane to be part of Kunovice Air Museum

25-09-2016 16:02 | Ruth Fraňková

After a three-day journey on road from Prague, a former government airplane Tupolev Tu-154 arrived in the Kunovice Air Museum in South Moravia on Sunday. The 45-meter long plane, which carried former presidents Václav Klaus and Václav Havel or the the gold-winning Czech hockey team from Nagano, was saved from demolition by a group of enthusiasts. After covering the distance on 383 kilometers on a semitrailer, its transport now aspires for an entry into the Czech book of records. 

Friends of Czech businessman killed in London raise money to repatriate his body

25-09-2016 15:15 | Ruth Fraňková

Friends of a Czech businessman, who was killed in London on Friday by a gang of teenagers, have raised money via the internet to help finance the repatriation of his body to the Czech Republic. The campaign, set up on a crowdfunding website GoFundMe, has reached its target of 10,000 pounds (or 312,000 Czech crowns) in just 24 hours. The 31-year old Zdeněk Makar was attacked by a gang of teenagers on Friday following a row inside a fast food outlet. Three people have been arrested over the killing of a Czech businessman working in London. 

Environment minister to earmark another three billion crowns to fight drought

25-09-2016 14:57 | Ruth Fraňková

Minister of environment Richard Brabec wants to earmark another three billion crowns next year to fight drought, he announced on a political debate programme on Czech Television on Sunday. According to Mr Brabec, the ministry has handed out EU subsidies totalling three billion crowns since 2014. The environment minister also wants to submit a national action plan on climate change adaptation with measures aimed at reducing the effects of climatic change in the Czech Republic. 

Survey: three quarters of Czech drivers admit to deliberately speeding

25-09-2016 11:24 | Ruth Fraňková

Three quarters of Czech drivers admitted to deliberately exceeding the speed limit, according to MobilityMonitor survey, carried out by LeasePlan among 4000 drivers from 17 countries. That puts the Czech Republic one percentage point above the worldwide average. According to the survey, the highest number of drivers not respecting speed limits are in Scandinavia, while the most disciplined drivers come from the US and Greece. One third of Czechs said they only speed when there is no traffic on the roads and around one tenth of respondents says they never risk when taking children. 


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