Committee members begin reading police file on ANO MPs

MP Stanislav Huml on Friday became the first member of the lower house’s Mandates and Immunity Committee to examine the police’s file against ANO deputies Andrej Babiš and Jaroslav Faltýnek.

Mr. Huml told the daily Právo that he had been allowed to take notes while going through the 3,500-page document at a Prague police facility.

The other members of the committee have until Tuesday to familiarise themselves with the file.

The Chamber of Deputies is due to vote on whether to lift the parliamentary immunity of Mr. Babiš and Mr. Faltýnek on September 6.

The ANO deputies are accused of illegally acquiring around CZK 50 million in EU grants in connection with the Stork’s Nest farm and hotel.

At the time it was the property of Mr. Babiš’s firm Agrofert. However, the businessman turned politician denies any wrongdoing.