ANO puts forward Věra Jourová as European Commission candidate

The ANO party has made an about turn over its candidate to be the next Czech EU Commissioner by saying that Minister for Regional Development Věra Jourová is now its nominee and not Pavel Telička. Jourová said she was willing to be put forward as long as a suitable post in line with her current responsibilities is on offer, according to Czech Television. The move seeks to break a deadlock between the two main parties with worries growing that Czech hopes of security an important portfolio are being dented by the delay putting forward a candidate. Czech Prime Minister Bohulsav Sobotka earlier expressed the hope that the Czechs could land an important economic dossier or portfolio such as energy. Telička, elected as a member of the European Parliament, has been damaged by his past lobbying activities in Brussels, notably his connections with the Czech multi-millionaire Zděnek Bakala.