News Agricultural goods get cheaper while prices of industrial goods rise slightly

18-08-2014 11:10 | Chris Johnstone

Farmers and service providers are continuing to curb inflation according to the latest figures from the Czech Statistical Office. Prices of agricultural products in July dropped by 2.5 percent over the month with the prices of market services falling by 0.6 percent. Prices of goods at factory gates on the other hand rose by a modest 0.3 percent and construction prices were unchanged. Over the last year, costs of agricultural products are down by just over 3.0 percent and industrial goods are almost unchanged.

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Selective ban on water craft sought by ministry

23-07-2016 11:55 | Chris Johnstone

Minister of Transport Dan Tok has called for a ban on motor vessels at 16 locations on the Slapy and Orlík reservoirs. He also wants to recommended a 10 km/hour speed limit be put in place in adjoining areas. The move follows an incident at the start of the month where two craft collided with a young girl later dying from her injuries. Rules for craft on rivers and lakes were relaxed last year but this has resulted in criticism of reckless behaviour and the greater risk of accidents and deaths as a result. 

Czech debt climbs after bond issues

23-07-2016 11:54 | Chris Johnstone

The total Czech state debt has climbed by around 18 billion crowns in the first half of the year according to the Ministry of Finance. That means the total debt now stands at 1.691 trillion crowns or around 160,000 crowns for every single Czech citizen. The Ministry of Finance said the debt total had climbed as the result of more state bonds being issued because of the favourable financial situation. 

Security stepped up in Czech Republic following Munich shootings

23-07-2016 09:07 updated | Chris Johnstone

The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs has said no Czechs are believed to be among the victims of a shooting spree at a shopping centre in Munich, Germany, on Friday evening. Nine people were killed and the gunman, believed to be a 19-year-old German-Iranian, then turned the gun on himself. Around 21 people were injured. Czech police stepped up police patrols in shopping centres and increased border security after the incident. The motive for the attack is not yet known. The increased Czech border checks were cancelled Saturday. 

EU Commission takes Czech Republic to court over waste

23-07-2016 08:59 | Chris Johnstone

The European Commission has warned the Czech Republic that it will take the country before the European Court of Justice over its alleged refusal to take back waste sent to Poland. The Commission made its announcement Friday, saying that the Czech Republic is obliged to take back dangerous waste. But the Czech Republic has and says it will continue to contend the description of the waste, arguing that it is a fuel mix and not dangerous. A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Environment said that Prague is fully prepared to defend itself in court. The Commission has been dealing with the case since November 2014. 

Javelin’s Jakub Vadlejch wins Diamond League event

23-07-2016 08:58 | Chris Johnstone

Czech javelin thrower Jakub Vadlejch has won his first Diamond League event. He threw 85.72 metres at the event in London in his second series of throws, ending up more than two metres ahead of reigning Olympic champion Keshorn Walcott. Previously, a second place was Vadlejch’s best placing in the top athletic series of competitions. 

Woman charged over Prague shopping centre killing

22-07-2016 16:52 | Chris Johnstone

Police say they have charged a 33-year-old woman in connection with the murder in a Prague shopping centre of another woman on Thursday. The woman was reportedly stabbed to death with a weapon found in the Tesco store in the Smichov district. Police said the murder suspect had been released earlier in the day from a Prague psychiatric hospital where she had been undergoing treatment. The Ministry of Health has demanded to be informed about the results of the investigation being carried out by the hospital. The woman is currently being held in police custody. 

Martina Sábliková to await arbitration verdict on Olympic place in Rio

22-07-2016 14:38 | Chris Johnstone

In athletics, Martina Sábliková has announced that she will fly out to Rio at the end of next week ahead of the Olympics. Sábliková, a three-time speed skating medal winner in the Winter Olympics, will await a decision in Brazil on whether she can take part in the road cycling competition. The Czech thought she had booked a place in the Olympics with a ninth place in a speed trial in the World Championships last year but was stunned to learn just a few months ago that that no places had been earmarked for the Czech Republic on the basis of those times. Her last hope is the verdict from an appeal to an international sporting arbitration. 

Change of hands looms for Prague’s tallest office bloc

22-07-2016 11:53 | Chris Johnstone

The REICO investment company, owned by one of the Czech Republic’s biggest banks Česká Spořitelna, is poised to buy the tallest office block in Prague, the City Tower. The pending purchase, with an estimated value of around 4.9 billion crowns, is being examined by the country’s competition office. The current owner is the PPF company of the country’s richest man, Petr Kellner. City Tower, at 109 metres, is the second tallest building in the country. 

Dubai company launches arbitration over payments for Prague plots

22-07-2016 11:52 | Chris Johnstone

Dubai-owned company Alcor Holdings has launched an international arbitration proceeding against the Czech Republic. The company is claiming 483 million crowns connected with its claimed failure to get compensation for the use of around 23,000 m2 of land dotted around Prague. Most of the land has been built on for key highways around the capital. The proceedings were announced by the Czech Ministry of Finance. 

Deputy PM seeks government motion over purge of education sector in Turkey

22-07-2016 11:51 | Chris Johnstone

Deputy Prime Minister Pavel Bělobrádek has called for the Czech government to take a stand over the clean out of schools and universities being undertaken in Turkey following the failed coup last weekend. The leader of the Christian Democrats said he wanted the issue discussed at the next Cabinet meeting scheduled for Wednesday. According to reports out of Turkey around 22,000 teachers have been sacked from their jobs in the state sector and around the same had had their teaching permits withdrawn in the private sector. The Czech University Council on Friday expressed its solidarity with higher education institutions in Turkey and compared the clean out to events which took place under Communism in former Czechoslovakia. 


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